Order a Box. Download the App. Activate a Card.
Get started with our Starter Pack and just pay shipping, or order your CardNow Starter Box for a one-time cost of $12.99.
CardNow Starter Boxes

✅  Always have an assortment of gifts and rewards on hand.

✅  Build your own, or choose from preset inventory.

✅  25 cards and up to 5 brand assortment so you always have what you need.

✅  Only $12.99 for the reusable box, the 25 cards and card presentation slips.

✅  Refills are always free, and you can hold up to 30 cards in your inventory at one time.

CardNow Starter Packs

✅  Perfect for the less-frequent reward or gift givers

✅  Build your own, or choose from preset inventory.

✅  Choose a 2 brand assortment, and 10 total cards.

✅  Get started for free (only pay shipping and handling)

✅  Refills are still free, and you can have up to 15 cards total in your inventory at one time.

✅  Upgrades to a CardNow Box are available (to expand your inventory)

We love our customers

This seems like a no brainer to me. With CardNow, I have gift cards on-hand versus having to continually run to the grocery store each time I need one.

Katie McKinney | Simply Texas Real Estate

Being able to literally have a box of gift cards whenever you need them, on file, for any given occasion is amazing.

Jeremy Dewbre | Farrow & Dewbre Orthodontic

Card Now is very easy to use.  We like the flexibility and the variety it offers our patients.  The support team has been very helpful and attentive.  I would highly recommend it.

Michelle Bebe | Total Orthodontics

CardNow has been so helpful with saving me time and money. Our office used to have a bunch of different gift cards that we paid for up-front, but now we don’t have to spend money until we need to use the cards.

Elena Black | Appalachian Orthodontics of Lynchburg

CardNow is a real game-changer for businesses like my own. Whether it is rewarding employees for going above and beyond, or offering incentives for referrals, with CardNow, I always have gift cards on hand, and I can load them myself when I need them

Heather Evans | Bodywork RX

Why Cardnow?


Who likes last minute shopping trips and waiting in line? Not us. We bet you don't either. Experience gift cards, delivered directly to your door.


Ever lost a gift card you had purchased for a gift? Worried it might get stolen from your car or desk? Maybe, "accidentlly" used it for yourself? With CardNow you can load and activate a card when you need it. 


Need just one card? or 14? $5 or $500 in value? You choose and we've got you covered.

Gift Cards Made easy with cardnow

Get Your Box

Order your CardNow Starter Box for a one-time cost of $12.99 with FREE shipping.

Use the App

When you need a gift card, use the CardNow app to activate and load a card from your box. Simply scan the card with your phones camera, choose the amount and confirm order details.

Order Refills

When you are running low just order your FREE gift card re-fills. No need to buy another box. You will get FREE shipping on your refills too!

what's in the box?

25 gift cards and card sleeves that easily fit in your desk drawer or closet shelf. You'll get to choose 5 different brands from a variety of companies. Everything from online retailers like Amazon to multi-brand restaurant cards like the Happy Dining Card. We also offer pre-configured boxes, perfect for every occasion.