How it Works

About CardNow Gift Cards

CardNow is a stash of inactive, ready-to-load gift cards for a select set of stores and restaurants. Each gift card in the box can be paid for and activated on-demand from the CardNow mobile app. 

The CardNow Starter Box includes:
– A reusable box, custom designed to hold 25 gifts cards & card sleeves
– 25 merchant gift cards of your choice
– 25 card sleeves

The CardNow Starter Pack includes:
– 10 merchant gift cards of your choice

How CardNow Works

When you’re ready to give or use a gift card, it takes less than a minute to activate a card with the mobile app. Simply scan the card, choose the gift card value, and pay. 

With CardNow, you only pay for the gift cards you are ready to use or hand out. These are physical cards just like the cards you buy at the grocery store, but with the added convenience of paying for them only when they are needed.

On Hand to Give as Incentives or Gifts

Do you always end up running to the store at the last minute to buy gift cards for gifts or incentives? With CardNow, you will always have a gift card on hand without the last-minute running around.

CardNow saves time and money, helping businesses big and small always have a safe and secure way to stock up on employee gifts, incentives, and rewards. Gone are the days of keeping active gift cards in desk drawers or file cabinets. The CardNow Starter Box with 25 inactive gift cards is perfect for the small business owner who gives out impromptu rewards, the executive administrator or human resources professional who has to produce an employee gift on the fly, the realtor who stockpiles Starbucks gift cards as thank yous for referrals, and more.

Additionally, CardNow makes sure the busy parent or head-of-household always has a gift on hand for birthdays, holidays, and parties.

Automatic refills, flexible load values, not having unused gift cards, plus increased security, makes this the ideal solution for gift-giving and incentivizing. When face-to-face reward and spot recognition is preferred or when a last-minute gift is needed, CardNow is here to help.