CardNow Starter Pack
Starter Pack - Retailers (10 Cards)
Columbia and Amazon

Starter Pack - Retailers (10 Cards)

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#GiftBetter with a Starter Pack

The easiest way to get started with CardNow! With the CardNow Starter Pack you can get 10 cards, and choose up to 2 brands. The cards are inactive, and its easy to pick an amount and activate them through the CardNow Mobile App.

This Starter Pack includes:

Whether for birthday gifts or as a thank you to friends and family or at work for rewarding anniversaries, milestones other achievements, having an assortment of gift cards is a perfect way to be prepared. 

When you've used your cards, refills are free! CardNow Starter Pack customers are limited to 2 merchant brands and up to 15 inactive, unloaded gift cards at any one time. Want more brands or cards? Upgrade to the Build-Your-Own CardNow Starter box if you need a wider variety or specific brand options. Refills on this Starter Pack are not limited to the initial five brands included, and can be ordered from the full CardNow catalog.